Computer Consulting

InterQuix specializes in hardware troubleshooting, upgrading, and maintenance, with support for operating system interface with applications and hardware for PC compatible machines.

We pride ourselves on solving those frustrating computer issues that just don’t seem to go away.

Our business is rooted in the fundamental principles of integrity and honesty. We believe these ideals are essential to the success of all interactions, both business and personal.

We will fully explain what we have done with your systems, and document that information for you on the invoice. Additionally, we keep our records for up to five years, or the life of the system - just in case...

Sometimes, however, a quick fix may be the best choice for you. When this is the case, InterQuix will give you the option of applying a temporary solution, or truly solving the problem – it’s up to you. We offer these options up front, prior to modifying your systems.

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