Servers and Domain Names

InterQuix prefers to use companies that specialize in serving web pages. We do this for several reasons. First, it allows for total portability of your site. If the Server Company does not meet your needs, your web site may be easily moved to another server. Second, server companies are usually connected to the backbone of the Internet making your site quickly reachable, and are generally better prepared to handle emergencies that can sometimes occur (power outages, etc.) Last, they are fairly inexpensive, can bill you monthly, and you can save capital for more important equipment.

Network Solutions, also known as InterNIC, among others, administer domain name registration for the .com, .net, .org, and .gov extensions. These companies charge $70.00 for the first two years of ownership of your domain name (e.g., and $35.00 for each year thereafter. This fee is billed directly by these companies.

InterQuix usually uses a third-party company that partners with InterNIC to process your domain name registration. This service allows faster turnaround on your registration, and supplies the requisite two domain name servers. The nominal fees charged by the partnering company will be passed on to you, or may be directly billed by the Service Company.

These fees are not included in the cost of the design of your web site, although we do handle the administration of these services in the total cost.

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